Prevention of corruption

The National Protective Service delivers its anti-corruption activities in accordance with the para 13/A of Government Decree 293/2010 (XII. 22.). Within this framework the Corruption Prevention Department of the National Protective Service

  • prepares the governmental anti-corruption strategy and its action plans;
  • regularly assesses integrity and corruption risks and the corruption situation of the public administration authorities;
  • is responsible for the coordination and development of the integrity management systems of public administration authorities;
  • examines bills and other planned measures ordered by the minister responsible for law enforcement in light of integrity and corruption risks;
  • prepares case studies in order to raise awareness of the preventive value of assessment and analysis of corruption risks;
  • makes recommendations regarding themes of the further training of integrity advisors, and regarding the corruption prevention, integrity and professional ethics trainings of public servants and law enforcement;
  • pursuant to S. 19. para 5 of Government Decree 66/2015 (III.30.) on metropolitan, county and district government bureaus, prepares an inspection plan for the examination of cases, falling under the competence of the local notaries, where neither appeal nor opposing party can be found;
  • participates in the implementation of tasks arising from international cooperation and international conventions;
  • prepares anti-corruption communication material.

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